Diary of a mumma weaning a toddler off night bottles.

Little Disclaimer: I’m not a sleep-doctor, I’m not a doctor at all; just a sleepy mumma who wished she could sleep for more than four hours at a time.
My son, baby T, is 18 months old and was waking for at least one bottle a night, sometimes two. It was driving me crazy. I just wanted him to sleep and me to sleep, and at 15-weeks pregnant, I was desperate to change T’s habits well before the new addition creates brand new sleep trauma. T was also waking up at around 5am everyday. SO! last Tuesday morning after a horrible night I started googling.

“How to get my toddler off night bottles.”

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Having a baby and following dreams.

The past year and a bit since my last post has been a bit hectic. I guess all our lives are these days, right? But for me, it has felt particularly jam-packed.

Since the last post in April 2016, I got married in May, finished my degree in November, had a baby boy in December and graduated in March 2017. Phew!

My degree was something that I felt to be a major accomplishment — I’ve always wanted to finish SOMETHING, and I finally did! I now have a Bachelor of Creative Writing from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

My baby boy. He is…something I almost don’t have words for. Accomplishment is not the right word, though sometimes just getting through the day has felt like an achievement. Continue reading “Having a baby and following dreams.”