7 things The Vampire Diaries has taught me about storytelling.

Maternity leave has afforded me the time to revisit one of my favourite television shows, The Vampire Diaries. It was easy to put on in the background during feeding times or when I just needed to switch off for a little while.

At some point, I started thinking about how much the show sucks me in. How I am gripped by the story time and time again. Why is that, I wondered.

So I began paying attention. I started thinking about what this captivating show could teach me about storytelling, and how I could apply that to my writing. Continue reading “7 things The Vampire Diaries has taught me about storytelling.”


Having a baby and following dreams.

The past year and a bit since my last post has been a bit hectic. I guess all our lives are these days, right? But for me, it has felt particularly jam-packed.

Since the last post in April 2016, I got married in May, finished my degree in November, had a baby boy in December and graduated in March 2017. Phew!

My degree was something that I felt to be a major accomplishment — I’ve always wanted to finish SOMETHING, and I finally did! I now have a Bachelor of Creative Writing from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

My baby boy. He is…something I almost don’t have words for. Accomplishment is not the right word, though sometimes just getting through the day has felt like an achievement. Continue reading “Having a baby and following dreams.”

How I Write: A writer-in-progress

There has been a fantastic writers meme going around where writers let us inside their heads, letting us know how they view their writing process. So far, it’s been great for me; it’s always nice to know how another writer gets through each day, as much of the time I am comforted by their processes, realising we all work in different ways. There is no absolute, correct, hard and fast rule to writing, which is a thought I’m comforted by.

I read Beanie Queen and Contemporary Romance Author Lily Malone‘s 2 weeks ago, then followed her link to Kylie Kaden‘s last week, and somehow between then and now, Lily asked me if I’d pick up the baton – despite the fact I’m not even published yet, which I have to say, made me pretty chuffed. Hence my title: Writer-In-Progress. Continue reading “How I Write: A writer-in-progress”